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The Cookies and Other Tracking Tools Guidelines of 10 June 2021 (published in Official Gazette No. 163 of 9 July 2021) of the Italian Data Protection Authority categorised cookies into two macrocategories: 'technical' cookies and 'profiling or non-technical' cookies

Technical cookies. These are cookies that serve to carry out navigation or to provide a service requested by the user or for technical aspects of site operation. They are not used for any other purpose. Without the use of such cookies, certain operations could not be carried out or would be more complex and/or less secure, such as home banking activities (displaying account statements, bank transfers, paying bills, etc.), for which cookies, which make it possible to carry out and maintain user identification within the session, are indispensable. 

Users' prior consent is not required for the installation of such cookies

Profiling or non-technical cookies. Profiling cookies are aimed at creating profiles on the user and are used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user while surfing the web. European and Italian legislation provides that the user must be adequately informed about the use of these cookies and express his or her valid consent. In this provision, the Garante also distinguished between first-party and third-party cookies. 

First-party cookies. These are cookies managed by the site owner. For these cookies, the obligation to provide information lies with the site owner. It is also the site owner's obligation to indicate how the cookie can be blocked. 

Third-party cookies. These are cookies managed by a third party other than the site owner. For these cookies, the obligation to provide information and an indication of how the cookie can be blocked is the responsibility of the third party, while the site owner is obliged to include on the site the link to the third party's site where these elements are available. In both types of cookies (first-party or third-party), the collection of consent, which is necessary if the cookie is a profiling cookie, takes place by means of a banner on the home page of the site. 


YLIWAY uses the following types of data collection tools for the purposes described:

Strictly necessary: these Data Collection Tools allow the user to access the site, enable its basic functionalities (such as accessing the site or accessing content), ensure its security, provide protection against fraudulent access and enable the detection and prevention of illegal or unauthorised use of your account. They are essential for the proper functioning of the Services; therefore, if they are disabled, parts of the site may stop working or be unavailable.

Functional: these Data Collection Tools remember information about the User's browser and preferences, provide additional site functionalities, allow personalised content more relevant to interests and remember settings that determine the appearance and behaviour of the Services (such as the preferred language or the volume level set for video playback).

Performance: These Data Collection Tools allow you to measure and improve the Services by providing data on usage and performance, number of visits, traffic sources or the source from which the application was downloaded. These tools can help verify the features or content preferred by users.

Advertising: these Data Collection Tools are used to present relevant and personalised advertisements, e.g. Usage Data and System Data, and on things that advertising service providers know from their tracking data. Advertisements may be based on activity that the User has engaged in.

Social media: These Data Collection Tools enable social media features, such as sharing content with personal connections and networks. These cookies can track a user or device on other sites and create a profile of their interests in order to present targeted advertising.

You can set your browser to warn you if cookies are being placed on your computer, limit the type of cookies allowed, or reject them altogether. If you do so, however, you may not be able to use some or all of the features of the Services.

It collects information about the user's language preference and stores the pages of the site visited. Cookies are used to prevent the user from receiving the same information repeatedly or in the wrong language, and to adapt the content and presentation of the site to the user's browser type.

This Cookie Policy applies to any YLIWAY product or service associated with it or that incorporates it by reference. 

YLIWAY uses cookies and similar technologies such as pixels, local storage, and mobile advertising IDs (collectively referred to as "cookies" in this Policy) to collect and use data as part of the Services offered by YLIWAY ("Services"), which include YLIWAY websites, communications, and mobile applications, and off-site Services, such as advertisement services and "Apply with YLIWAY" and "Share with YLIWAY" plugins or tags. 

What technologies are used? 


Type of technology



A cookie is a small file placed on your device that enables YLIWAY services and functionality. Any browser that visits our sites may receive cookies from us or from third parties, such as our customers, partners and service providers. YLIWAY or any third party may also place cookies on your browser when you visit sites outside of YLIWAY that display advertisements or that host our plugins or tags.

We use two types of cookies: persistent cookies and session cookies. Persistent cookies persist beyond your current session and are used for many purposes, such as to recognise you as an existing user so that it is easier for you to return to the YLIWAY website and interact with our Services without having to log in again. Because they persist in your browser, persistent cookies will be read by YLIWAY when you return to one of our sites or visit a third party site that uses our Services. Session cookies only last as long as the session is active (usually during a visit to a website or a browser session).


Pixels are small images that can be embedded within web pages and emails and that require a call (providing device and visit information) to our servers to render on those pages and emails. We use pixels to learn more about your interactions with email or web content, such as whether you interacted with advertisements or posts. Pixels may also allow us or third parties to place cookies in your browser.

Local archiving

Local storage allows a website or application to store information locally on your devices. Local storage can be used to enhance your YLIWAY experience, for example by enabling features, remembering your preferences, and speeding up the operation of the site.

Other similar technologies

We also use other tracking technologies, such as mobile advertising IDs and tags, for similar purposes as described in this Cookie Policy. References to similar technologies in this Policy include pixels, local storage and other tracking technologies.


What are these technologies used for?

The purposes for which we use these technologies are described below.




We use cookies and similar technologies to recognise you when you visit our Services.


If you are logged in to YLIWAY, these technologies help us to show you the right information and customise your experience in line with your settings. For example, cookies allow YLIWAY to identify you and verify your account.



We use cookies and similar technologies to make your interactions with our Services faster and safer.

 For example, we use cookies to enable and support our security features, to keep your account secure, and to help us detect malicious activity and violations of our Licence Agreement.


Preferences, functionalities and services

We use cookies and similar technologies to enable the operation of our Services, for example, to help you fill out forms on our Services more easily and to provide you with customised features, information and content in conjunction with our plugins. We also use these technologies to remember information about your browser and your preferences.

 For example, cookies tell us which language you prefer and what your communication preferences are. We may also use local storage to speed up the operation of the site.


Customised content

We use cookies and similar technologies to personalise your experience on our Services.


For example, we may use cookies to remember your previous searches and provide you with additional information related to those searches when you return to our Services.

Plugins internal and external to YLIWAY

We use cookies and similar technologies to enable YLIWAY plugins both inside and outside the YLIWAY sites.


For example, our plugins, including the "Apply with YLIWAY" or "Share" buttons, may be found on YLIWAY or third-party sites, such as our customers' or partners' sites. Our plugins use cookies and other technologies to provide analytics and recognise you on YLIWAY and third-party sites. If you interact with a plugin (for example, by clicking on "Apply"), the plugin will use cookies to identify you and initiate your application.

Stripe as gateway


Cookies and similar technologies help us show you relevant advertising more effectively, both inside and outside of our Services, and measure the performance of those ads. We use these technologies to learn whether content was shown to you or whether someone who was presented with an advertisement subsequently returned and took an action (e.g., downloaded a white paper or made a purchase) on another site. Similarly, our partners or service providers may use these technologies to determine whether we showed you an advertisement or post and what its performance was, or to provide us with information about how you interact with those advertisements.


We may also work with our customers or partners to show you an advertisement both inside and outside of YLIWAY, such as after you visit a customer or partner's site or application. These technologies help us provide aggregate information to our customers or partners.


Analysis and research

Cookies and similar technologies help us better understand the performance of our Services and plugins in different locations.

 We or our service providers use these technologies to understand, improve, and research products, features, and services, including when you browse our sites or access YLIWAY from other websites, applications, or devices. We also use these technologies to determine and measure the performance of advertisements or posts within and outside of YLIWAY and to understand whether you have interacted with our sites, content, and provide analytics based on those interactions.

 We also use these technologies to provide aggregated information to our customers or partners as part of our Services.




Which third parties use these technologies in connection with our Services?

Third parties such as our customers, partners and service providers may use cookies in connection with our Services.

For example, third parties may use cookies on their YLIWAY pages, job offers, and advertisements inside and outside YLIWAY for their own marketing purposes. 

Third parties may also use cookies in connection with our off-site Services, such as YLIWAY's advertising services. Third parties may use cookies to help us provide our Services. We may also work with third parties for our marketing purposes and to analyse and research our Services.

You have various options available to you regarding YLIWAY's use of cookies and similar technologies. 


Browser Controls

Most browsers allow you to control cookies through their settings, which you can change to reflect your consent to the use of cookies, and to control and delete cookies, including YLIWAY cookies. For more information on browser controls, please consult the documentation provided by your browser manufacturer.


This website uses technical cookies and possible non-technical cookies only with the consent of the person concerned. Of course, the lack of consent for non-technical cookies does NOT prevent you from browsing the site. How to provide, check, revoke or modify consent for non-technical cookies? The system set up allows the user to provide, revoke and modify their consent to non-technical cookies, through a specific banner. Consent for non-technical cookies is given:

Using 'Accept all cookies' will accept all non-technical cookies;

If desired, you can identify the individual categories of non-technical cookies for which you wish to provide consent by ticking the individual boxes for the different categories of cookies for which you wish to provide consent;

If you close the banner with the X command, you will continue browsing and only technical cookies will be used;

By clicking on show details, in the banner, it is possible to view the cookies in detail and select the functionalities, so-called third parties and cookies, also possibly grouped by homogeneous categories.

The user can always monitor which cookies are in use, for which categories consent has been given and, if necessary, revoke or change his or her consent by means of:

the options set out in the following parts of this notice;

functions that are activated by clicking on the paperclip symbol on each page.

Clicking on the icon will open a section like the one below in which the User can check for which categories of cookies consent has been given, the date of last modification of the same, and the unique id representing the record of the choice made.

Clicking on revoke consent will revoke ALL consent given, while clicking on Modify your consent will open the consent management banner and you will be able to change your choice by category.

The User may revoke/modify the consent provided also from this section of the site:

Clicking revoke consent will revoke ALL consent given,

By clicking on Change your consent, the consent management banner will open and you will be able to change your choice per category. 

The option withdraw consent will only be visible if consent has been given for NON-technical cookies

This website uses cookies.

By closing the banner during registration with the 'X' command, YLIWAY will only process necessary technical cookies.